Thursday, November 6, 2008

If You Build It Hopefully They Will Come

Well I finally built myself a light box from white 12 x 12 CS and I think it helps make my pics a little better. I do not have the best digital camera in the world but it will do for now I guess. I know I have seen some awesome pics of cards on other blogs and come to find out they have some pretty pricey equipment. Well maybe some time in my future I can look forward to

I will give you the deets later on this card but I do want to let you know that the silver disc is made out of the top of a can of peanuts run through my CB using a smal EB. I had heard of others using this technique and was amazed at the results when I tried it. I had to put the card at an angle so not to have the flash blur the image I hope you can see the details and how shiney it makes the silver foil look. If you click on the card you can see a larger image and see the details better.

Well that is all for today I am working on the sketch challenge from yesterday at SCS. For some reason I was blocking yesterday and just could not finish the card. Hopefully I will finish it today and post it tomorrow. I had not done the challenges on SCS for quite a while and I am happy to start back up again it is always so much fun. Hope you can find time to stop in and give them a try or a least find the time to stamp some thing. Have a great day.

Peace Out


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