Friday, January 9, 2009

Sorting M&Ms?

Ok it is finally Friday and boy this was a long week. It is always this way the first week back from Summer, Winter and Spring break for kids. Man talk about tired and crabby. I know it will get better it always does and they get back in the grove. Whew!!!

So what have I done this week? I have made almost 30 Valentine cards to send to the Cards 4 Kids see info below. I plan on making more. The deadline to send them to Patty I believe is February 7th but you can check the website for all the info.

Today since I woke up not feeling well I decided to do some thing easy. I don't know who gave me this tip but I want to thank them. I went to my CVS the other day and they still had loads of M&Ms and Kisses Christmas candies for 75% off. This means I got them for .75 each. Ok so the M&Ms are red, dark green and light green. The Kisses are red, silver and green. The tip was to purchase these candies on sale and then sort them by color. What you are left with are red candies for Valentine's Day, Green for ST. Patties Day and I have not decided how to use the light green M&Ms but I am sure they could be used some time in the Spring maybe on some cupcakes.....he he. Of course the silver Kisses can be mixed in with the red or green. OK ENOUGH!!! But I must say in the economic situation we are in I will save as much as I can when ever I can. Of course the more money I save the more I can give myself the reward of some type of stamping

Well that's about it except for the fact that have not had heat for two days now because we need a new motor for our heat pump that is just 3 years old. Thank goodness it was still under warranty but it will be about $250.00 for labor. The other thing is the motor has to be delivered by the company and so far that has not happened. Soooooooooo needless to say we have been walking around the house very bundled. I hope that this will get resolved very soon we will see.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am going to try to take come pictures of the cards I have made for the Cards 4 Kids. Also if you have not already checked out the details about this check the post before this one.

Peace Out

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Jessica said...

That is such a great idea about the candies! Mmmm... now I want some peanut M&M's ;) Bummer about your heat pump....