Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hop To The Super Sketchy Sunday At 365 Cards

Super Sketchy Sunday #4 (card #22)

I feel like the rabbit from Alice in Wonder Land.....I'm late, I'm late for a very important date....he he. I know I did not post for a few days but I was working on the challenges at 365 Cards. I just did not get around to taking the pictures.

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating my daughters 18th birthday. What a milestone birthday and graduation is just a few months away in May and then college starts in August. Again I am wondering how did we get here so fast.

Ok so I am going to post all the challenges for 365 right through today so my posting will be caught up. So once again I would recomend that you stop by the 365 Cards blog and check out what's going on there I think you will be pleasantly surpirsed. Enjoy the rest of your week and take a little time to stamp.

Peace Out



~amy~ said...

super sweet and were really busy!!! great stuff!!

Karen Lee said...

2 cute!!

kristie sessions said...

oh those bunny butts are SO adorable!!