Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Ok here is a card I made for my SCS friend Deb for her birthday this Summer. It was the first time I used this stamp. Man I love cupcakes!!!! If I see anything with a cupcake I long to own it. Anyhoooo the DP I purchased at JoAnne's a while back and the CS is from SU. The ribbon is from Michael's. I pierced the turquoise CS and then used a white get pen to make it look like stitching because I am to lazy to get out my sewing machine....LOL'
Wow it's Wednesday!!!! I can not believe that Halloween is Friday. I so love Halloween I always have. As a child it was always a great time. Dressing up, running all over the neighborhood with your friends and trying to collect as much candy as possible in the allowed time. I grew up in Chicago so needless to say there were many a Halloween that we had to wear our coats over our costume. After a while my Mom started buying our costumes bigger so we could wear our coats under our costumes. Getting older had it's advantages but the biggest disadvantage was not being able to go out and Trick or Treat any longer.

Fast forward and now I am a Mom. I am so excited to dress up my baby daughter (she was 7 months old her first Halloween) and take her out to Trick or Treat. She was a little kitty cat and of course looked adorable. I must say every year it just got better I was able to make some of her costumes but we also purchased many as well. Barney, Blue M&M, Blue Power Ranger, Ghost, Vampire, Grecian Goddess etc. I was also always the home room Mom and would make delightful treats for the children and the teachers. Boy do I miss those days.

Fast forward again BLINK and my daughter is 17. Hey when did that happen? I love my daughter and now her and I sit out in our driveway and hand out candy to the kids and saying awwwwww a lot. We also go to the $ store and buy as many glow in the dark items we can find and hang them from the chairs, our necks, our ears and some years we have glow in the dark glasses. The kids get a kick out of it and it makes my daughter so happy because she loves the little ones. She wants to be a teacher. I think she is so suited for the job.

Well I have bent your ears long enough. I just have one last thing to say. If you are blessed enough to have children enjoy every minute of your time together. Yes even the sleepless nights, the dirty diapers, etc. because nothing last for ever. I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. Oh and don't forget no matter how crabby, dirty, or stinky they get don't forget to give your little ghouls and goblins a big hug and kiss . HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace Out


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Jessica said...

Debbie, I love the card that you made! That cupcake is so cute :)

I always tell myself "enjoy them. they won't be little forever." especially when I'm about to pull all of my hair out lol!