Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween...Boo to You!!!!!

This is a card I sent to a good friend of mine for her birthdy CS is SU, ribbon Michael's, not sure where the stamps are from.

A happy Halloween to you all. I don't know about you but this card reminds me of how SCAREY it is to be in a bathing suit so I thought this would be an appropriate card to Halloween.....ha ha. Thank goodness the season is over!!!!

At first I was a little sad this morning realizing that this is the end of Halloween cards and goodie packages on everyone's blogs. Then I thought about sitting in my driveway tonight passing out treats to all those cute little costumed kiddies. Since my dd is now 17 she no longer goes out but sits with me passing out candy. We get as many glow sticks, earings, etc. as possible and hand out candy. We always have a great time and I am sure this year will be no different.

Last night my dd and I sat together and tried to remember all the costumes she has worn over the years. I was so glad that she had such great memories of her costumes and the fact that I would dress up as well. I just loved being the Home Room Mom. Bringing goodies to the children always brought them joy but I think my joy was even bigger. I do miss those days gone by but I am so glad to have the wonderful memories. My dd wants to be a teacher and I think she will make a great one. If she should decide to be a grade shcool teacher I know I will be right in there helping her with all the holidays. Any time I can work with children I feel blessed. So to all the Mom's who give their time to the children I applaud you and please know you are creating memories the children will never forget.

Peace Out


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